Developer Dive | Dublin Development

Developer Dive | Dublin Development

By Olivia Hamman - July 9, 2024

Meet Dublin Development:

What inspired you to become a developer / builder? Take us through your journey.

The two founders of Dublin Development have always had a passion for real estate and development/construction, dating back to classes they both took in college to ignite the spark. We started Dublin while both still in the corporate world as a small venture doing fix and flip projects, which led to doing ground up development and grew organically from there.

What areas of town do you like to build in? What do you look for?:

It depends on the type of project, but if we are looking at a high-end residential project (which tends to be our bread and butter), we look for deeply desirable neighborhoods close to the core of Denver, with amenities, restaurants, walkability, etc. Some of the neighborhoods we build in are Cherry Creek North, East Wash Park, Observatory Park, Hilltop, Sloans Lake/Highlands.


What are some key considerations you keep in mind when selecting partners or collaborators for your development ventures?

We have always been a relationship driven company. We strive to put together a strong, loyal and competent team of constituents in our pursuits. A good example is approximately 75% of our sub-contractor base has worked with us for over 10-12 years now, and many of our investors have backed us since 2008.

How do you prioritize sustainability and environmental concerns in your development projects?

We build very energy efficient and healthy homes, good for both families and the environment. All of our projects are built to the latest Energy Star ratings, and in some cases even build to LEED certification.


What sets your projects apart?

We also have our Class B general contractors license, so we build everything in house and are able to control costs which lends to higher end finishes and articulation. We have used mostly two architecture firms that design thoughtful floor plans, and Dublin also has in an in house design department who creates the desirable finish packages for each project.

What are the biggest risks/challenges facing developers in our market right now?

For residential developers, obviously the interest rate environment is leaving much of market stagnant. Most of the buyers out there right now are either cash buyers, or MUST buy something (changing family situation, executive relocations, etc). Another big challenge is permitting time lines. Prior to Covid, we could typically acquire single-family permits in 8-12 weeks and over the last few years those time frames have increase to 6-12 months much of the time.

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