Advisor Spotlight | Neneh Biffinger

Advisor Spotlight | Neneh Biffinger

By Olivia Hamman - June 27, 2024

Advisor Spotlight| Neneh Biffinger

•In three sentences or less tell us a little bit about yourself.

I often joke, “I have been selling since the womb”. With nearly 30 years of diverse sales experience across multiple industries, I have developed a unique set of skills and expertise that enable me to partner with builders, developers, and investors in the Colorado real estate market. My mission is to drive growth and success for my clients and partners, while building lasting and meaningful relationships. 

•Tell us a little bit about how you got started in real estate.

From helping my momma clean up after a tenant at nine years old, to binge watching Fixer Upper, to scooting by Sunday Open Houses,  I've always loved real estate. It was dedication and business pivots that opened the windows to making it my profession. And, it was Gilda's focus and collaboration mentality that gave me a home at Invalesco.

•What are your areas of expertise?

My favorite pass time is connecting people and I have a passion for helping others, including helping developers and communities expand their reach, home builders successfully sell their homes, and individuals invest in or showcase their properties. Strategic marketing is my jam - more than thinking outside the box, I may help you build a new one. 

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