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Geos Neighborhood by Cornerstone Homes

By Angie Sudberry - November 19, 2018

Our team at Invalesco Real Estate was delighted to tour the Geos neighborhood, Colorado’s first geosolar development, built by Cornerstone Homes.  The neighborhood harnesses geo-thermal energy paired with both passive and active solar strategies and cutting-edge green building technologies to achieve net-zero energy consumption. Casey Van Iten, project manager, led us in the tour and provided us with a wealth of information on the innovative building process.  This unique community will include community gardens, parks, corner stores, & shared facilities.
An incredible amount of energy savings can be achieved by using passive strategies. The strategies implemented in the Geos neighborhood include achieving extreme air tightness (0.6 ACH50), being intentional with the staggered placement of the homes and the placement of windows and opening to maximize solar energy when and where it is needed. Cornerstone took into account all of the seasons of Colorado’s climate.  However, it is evident they weren’t just technical and thought of the beauty of the homes too… the homes have breathtaking mountain views! These passive strategies make the home extremely comfortable with steady temperatures throughout. The homes are so well insulated and air-tight that their heating and cooling demands are only 20% of a comparably sized traditional home.

For the active solar energy component, the homes feature solar panels on all their roofs. This is a greatly cost effective way of contributing towards achieving their net-zero energy goal. 

We saw examples of green building everywhere throughout the homes, from paints with no VOC to triple-paned windows. It was very inspiring that Cornerstone Homes really looks to build with quality and efficiency and isn’t only looking at their bottom line. Casey explained that because the homes are so air tight, it is important to only use materials in the home that are of high quality and will keep the air inside as pure as possible… well, that would make any homeowner breathe a little easier! (pardon the pun).  Additionally, all of the homes have Energy Recovery Ventilators that are constantly bringing in fresh air from the outside but precondition the air to an ambient temperature before it enters the home. Probably the most impressive piece of equipment we’ve seen in a home: a geothermal heat pump.  In this neighborhood, the pump accesses water 300 feet below the surface to heat the home!   And because the homes only require ¼ of the heating capacity of the smallest furnace available, they were able to install 3” ductwork… now that’s impressive.

The homes impressed us at every turn and we look forward to touring again as the community takes shape.  The current homeowners seem very happy in their homes and are thrilled to not pay a cent on their energy bills.  Geos Neighborhood is currently wrapping up phase one of construction and can barely keep up with demand.  Thankfully, there are still 2 more phases to go! 

If you want to learn more about energy efficient homes, look out for our invitation to our THINKtank next March where we will be hosting a panel of experts to learn more!  Contact our team at for more informaiton on the homes


Invalesco launched THINKtank series

Investor Lender Panel

By Gilda Zaragoza - September 10, 2018

Staying true to our core values of knowledge and collaboration, Invalesco Real Estate launched our THINKtank last month! The series will feature a monthly event with panels, site tours and other resources for real estate investors.  It is open to all agents who are active real estate investors or work with builders, developers and other investors.  We beleive that there is power in sharing our knowledge and helping each other grow.  

THINKtank launched in September with an Investor Lender Panel with loan officers from Citywide Banks, Pine Financial and Merchants.  These companies are all very active in providing funding for new construction, fix-and-flip projects, and other creative loans for Real Estate Investors in Denver. The panleists were incredibly insightful and resourceful... we learned tons and are pumped to start some new projects!  The first THINKtank was attended by realtors and investors from companies across the metro area.  It was great to network and connect.  

This month THINKtank will continue with a construction site tour of University Homes.  In November, we will have Michael Gifford, President/CEO of Associated General Contractors join us with an update on Construction Defects Law.  

Reach out to us if there is any specific topic you would like us to cover as we plan our 2019 offerings. Our series is currently open to all but space is limited!


Invalesco Expanding

Growing our Core Team!

By Gilda Zaragoza - July 2, 2018

Invalesco Properties has finished making its full transition to Invalesco Real Estate.  We expanded into the brokerage world and are currently building our core team of dynamic, driven Real Estate Advisors.  We have worked tirelessly the first half of 2018 to establish a strong, consisent brand and the framework for our team. Our team comprises Advisors who are investors, builders, flippers... who are DOERS.  We are a collaborative team of like-minded individuals that are looking to share knowledge and resources.

Invalesco means "To Gain Strength" in Latin.   This is the inspiration behind our team. We believe that sharing is power and that we are stronger together.  We are excited to introduce our dynamic, strong brand to Colorado.  This new concept serves experienced Real Estate agents who are looking for specific investment know-how and resources.  Agents who are investors themselves or work heavily with investors are the perfect fit for our innovative company.

With Denver currently ranking among the top 15 cities to live in, Invalesco Advisors are equipped to provide unparalleled service to Investors, Builders and Developers.  Our Advisors are passionate about everything Real Estate and continue to evolve, grow and adapt to provide the best service to our Investor, Builder and Developer clients.  We strive to obtain our client's trust and go above and beyond to see this come to fruition never straying from our core values along the way:  passion, integrity, and knowledge. 


Englewood Developments in Full Swing!

A Flurry of Activity South of Hampden

By Gilda Zaragoza - May 18, 2018

New home developments are moving south of Hampden Avenue and Invalesco Real Estate is leading the way.  The City of Englewood is saturated with scrapes on nearly every block between Yale Avenue and Hampden Avenue, including a few Invalesco homes. 

Last Summer, we saw the opportunity to bring our developments South of Hampden.  The action and redevelopment of South Broadway has already extended south with new restaurants and shops opening on a monthly basis.  We love the feel of the neighborhood and partnered with Northland Construction to build 6 new homes in the neighborhood.

The first set of these homes has been completed at 3660 and 3662 S Elati Street.  They are spectacular homes that are much larger than what we have delivered in the past.  The next  homes are soon to break ground 2 blocks away on Galapago St.

Since our foray into the neighborhood, we are seeing other developers also moving South with another planned Triplex on Elati Street and more homes East of Broadway.  We are excited to be pioneering in this neighborhood and see a significant transtion period within the next 3 years.  

University Homes Breaks Ground

First home completion scheduled for late Summer 2018

By Gilda Zaragoza - February 20, 2018

The first two homes in the University Homes development broke ground this month! We at Invalesco are extremely excited for these truly inspired homes. University Homes is located off of S University Blvd in a Private cul-de-sac (S University Circle). It truly is an Enclave of Modern Luxury.  We assembled a team of Denver's top talent to create truly unique experiences: Tomecek Studio Architecture and Root Interiors both collaborated on this project from start to finish.  

3053 S University Circle is all about "Front Yard Living" with a 17 Foot wide by 10 Foot high opening from the living area to the patio with a large fire pit. 

3057  S University Cirlce is a large courtyard home that completely opens up into the outdoors... there are sliding doors EVERYWHERE... from the Office/Study, from both sides of the Kitchen. from the Living area. 

Both of these Gabled Modern Homes have private outdoor decks with 2-sided fireplaces from the Master Suite.  We cannot wait to introduce these stunning creations to the market later this year.  

There will be one last home - 3055 S University Circle - built in 2019.  This home will be another courtyard 5 bedroom home, but will feauture transitional design with a gorgeous stone exterior. Stay tuned for that rendering!