Tami Butler

Tami Butler
  • Commercial & Investment Specialist
  • Multifamily Development
  • Investing for Couples
  • Luxury Residential

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Hi, it’s Tami! Thank you for stopping by (digitally). I’m humbled you’re taking time out of your busy life to read about me. It’s been 23 years since my journey began in real estate (2000). I started as a mom of three babies, trying to support my family in the Midwest.

There are two things I’m passionate about – helping my clients build wealth with real estate and working with couples to create a healthy marriage. Both (in my eyes), are assets. This dual career track has given me a unique perspective that factors in the human element. People have a life at home that impacts how they invest in real estate. If they’re able, if they’re knowledgeable, if they’re fortunate enough to learn the ropes, if they have the grit.

I learned early on in my career that home ownership is a privilege (not all have access to), and from that, you can leverage yourself into other properties to generate income. Whether it’s a short-term infusion of cash, a long-term hold, or a portfolio that can set your family up for generations.

My kids are all grown adults now. I’ve weathered the storms of marriage, divorce, singleness. I’ve developed my professional skill set to serve my clients in a way that’s meaningful and adds value. I’ve published 9 books, written for trade publications to the industry, hosted a business TV show for 7 years, spoken before multiple audiences (large and small), and lived in three time zones. Experiencing various real estate markets across the country.

I started in the mortgage business, have worked in banking, been on “the inside” employed by several big player lenders, participated in title/escrow, appraisals and the valuation side of things, been involved in business brokerage (business mergers and acquisitions), and found my home with commercial and investment real estate as a specialty. That’s where I’ve stayed. Many of my clients own luxury real estate, so in my representation to buy/sell, it’s a service I offer. Goes with the package.

If you’re looking for a professional who will get the job done, that’s me. I promise, we’ll have fun in the process and get you to the closing table! The clock is ticking. Call me, and let’s get a plan in motion to help you achieve your goals with real estate as a tool.