Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith
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Nathan Smith is the Principal and Co-owner of Smith & Meade, a Denver-based developer of homes. Nathan has developed his specialty of finding, buying, and selling properties for more than 15 years as co-owner of PCS Renew and owner of CoreVenture Exteriors. Having worked in the construction industry since 2004, Nate gained experience in designing high-functioning homes that are fused with high-end design. He pairs this knowledge with a real estate license he received in 2018.

In 2014, Nathan, and his business partner Liz Meade, founded Smith & Meade. The team functions as a family unit where each member is passionate about creating best-in-class homes in Denver’s up-and-coming real estate markets. His keen foresight and experience are evident in each home Smith & Meade develops.

Nathan uses his refined business acumen to develop strong relationships and partnerships with clients and brokers. “Every time we do something right, we have been provided with new opportunities and new people we enjoy working with.” He also supports the community by getting involved with local events and sponsorships to help each neighborhood Smith & Meade develop to thrive.